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congratulations on graduating!

First and foremost I'd like to congratulate you on this remarkable achievement and reaching this milestone! I'm also very happy that you are choosing to have your photos professionally taken so that you, your family and friends are able to treasure this moment in your life for years to come. 


d e t a i l s

  • Depending on what package you chose, you will get either 1 hour or up to 1 and a half hours of shooting! That's more than enough time to get plenty of amazing shots.
  • If you chose the essentials package, the outfit you wear to the session will be the outfit you will be photographed in. If you chose the premium package, you can get unlimited outfits! However I suggest at most two (one that you wear to your session and one you change into) as the time it takes you to change will eat into your overall session time. 
  • Most seniors choose to do their session on their campus and in that case we can visit as many locations on campus as we can fit in. Most UGA students choose the more iconic UGA locations like The Arch, Chapel Bell, Herty Field/the Fountain, Founder's Garden and in front of Sanford Stadium. Is there a special place on campus or even Downtown that is near and dear to you? I love to photograph people where they feel the most comfortable or at home so I'd love for you to take me there so we can create some tangible memories there!
  • If you, however, would like to shoot somewhere off-campus or outside of walking distance, you will need to select the premium package.  
  • The BEST time in my opinion to shoot is during golden hour or one to two hours before sunset. This way, we don't get harsh shadows in your face and we get this beautiful glow in a lot of your photos.

frequently asked questions

  • Does my cap and gown count as an outfit?
    • Nope! We will be taking the cap and gown on and off throughout the duration of your session so I recommend you try your outfit on WITH the cap and gown at home first to make sure your outfit or dress doesn't poke out weirdly underneath!
  • Flats or heels?
    • Both! We'll most likely be walking around a lot so if you choose to wear heels during active shooting time, please also plan to bring some easy slip-on flats in between. 
  • What if it rains on the day of our session? (or snows or hails or a volcano erupts who knows with Georgia weather am I right) 
    • I try my best not to have to reschedule due to weather and tend to try to make the call as late as possible. Since we only really need an hour (or an hour and a half) of no rain, please keep your phone on and near you so that we can touch base in the hours before your scheduled session. We will not reschedule due to clouds (in fact sometimes cloudy is the best weather to shoot in), and will consider rescheduling in case of volcano eruption. 
  • What if I need to reschedule?
    • That's fine! Please let me know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE if you think you need to reschedule. I'm typically driving in from Atlanta therefore there is a 24 hour cancellation policy (meaning if you need to reschedule, you must notify me 24 or more hours in advance). I also cannot guarantee that the new date you'd like to reschedule for will be open. 
  • Can my mom/boy/girlfriend/best friend etc. come?
    • Of course! I find we get the best photos when a loved one comes along because you'll be a bit more comfortable and I can even put them to work!
  • Can this mom/boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend/pet etc. pop in a few photos?
    • I don't mind loved ones popping into a few photos at all! However, if they'd like to get any individual shots of them, they will have to book their own session or if they're a senior as well the next question might interest you...
  • Do you offer group sessions and discounts?
    • Yes! It's more fun and cost effective to do your senior session with a group of friends. Here's more info on group session rates.
  • Can I bring props?
    • You don't have to but you can! I love anything with signs/confetti/glitter/balloons..etc. I do suggest however if you are bringing confetti or glitter for those cute blowing out of your hand shots to bring the biodegradable kind (green emoji) 
  • Can I show you pictures I found online to see if we can replicate the pose?
    • Yes! I'm on Pinterest ALL the time looking for inspiration and if you wanted to make a board and invite me to it, I'll try my best to get as close as possible to your vision. 
  • I'm very awkward in front of a camera and this is my first time getting professional photos taken. What can I do to prepare?
    • Not a problem. My job is to make you comfortable and make sure that you absolutely love your photos. At the beginning of your session I'll ask you how comfortable you are with posing yourself and mostly I like to let you do your thang but if you need a bit of guidance I AM HERE FOR YOU and to help pose you. Here's a guide to help you better prepare.
  • How can I pay you/do you require a deposit? 
    • I currently accept cash, checks (made out to Sabatani Shetu), Venmo, PayPal, and Cash App. I do not require a deposit and payment will be due upon completion of your session.
  • Why can't I book my session on a weekday? 
    • If you're in Athens, unfortunately there's no way I could make it from my full-time job in Marietta to Athens after work and still have daylight left. If you're a GA State or Atlanta area student however, let's talk and see if we can make it work! 
  • Do you have a referral program? 
    • I do! If you recommend another senior to me in this graduation season OR the next I will send you either:
      • A FREE 8x10 print of your choice from your gallery OR
      • 10% off the next time you book with me! 
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Thanks again for choosing Sabatani Photo + Design to mark this momentous time in your life!

And as always, if you have any more questions that are not here, let me know!