logos + brand guides

This is a general breakdown of the process. Actual steps will vary client to client and project to project!

This is a general breakdown of the process. Actual steps will vary client to client and project to project!

Thank you so much for your interest in a project by Sabatani Photo + Design! This is the first step in creating the logo or brand guide for your business. I can design a stand alone logo for you OR an entire brand guide which would include the following: primary logo + alternative logos, a color palette, perfectly paired fonts, a mood board, and elements/patterns that best represent your brand. On the left you can see a breakdown of my process. After completion of this form, I will be able to contact you with a quote. The total you pay will usually be altered only if there are any additional materials I must purchase (i.e. stock images, fonts, prints...etc.) or per additional round of revision.


payment info: I currently only accept payment via paypal. I do require a 50% deposit before I begin on any project. The other 50% is due upon final file delivery to client.


turnaround: I pride myself in a fast turnaround compared to other designers in the area! For logos alone, please expecta  9 business day maximum turnaround from the day the 50% deposit is received. For the logo + brand guide bundle or any other design project, please allow a maximum of 15 business days from the day of the deposit. 



Name *
Provide context and background information on your company to help me get a better understanding of your business. What is your mission? Who are you and what services and/or products do you offer? Include links to your website and any other background material that might be helpful.
What is the project? Do you need a brand guide, just a logo, marketing materials or a combination? Are you refreshing your company’s brand identity or starting from scratch for a new business? Describe what the project is, what it entails, and why you’re doing it.
Who’s your customer? Who are you trying to reach with this project or campaign? Share demographic information about who they are and any behavioral insights you may have on them.
Do you need a one-page brochure? A batch of 10 banner ads? A logo for print, just for the web, or for both? If you know the file formats you need (i.e., JPG, PNG, PSD), size information (i.e., 300×250 pixels), and any other important details, please list them below.
If you know any specific competitors, list them below. If not, a general understanding of your competition will suffice (i.e. other Atlanta photographers)
What tone of voice does your brand speak in? Is it elegant and classy, is it fun and vibrant, or a mix? Use any adjectives you'd like to describe your brand's tone and style?
If you have previous materials and are looking for a revamp, please EMAIL your previous design files to sabatani.shetu@gmail.com.