pre-wedding questionnaire 

Name *
If you have a wedding planner, or someone who has ample knowledge of the itinerary besides yourselves (could be a mother, Maid of Honor, close friend, sibling, etc.) please list their name(s) and phone numbers below.
What time will we begin coverage?
If going for a different type of first look, please describe what you're wanting.
If not, that's okay we'll find a spot!
Also feel free to include any important people or special moments/items you'd like me to pay special attention to!
Please remember that your photographers/videographers have to eat as well! Please ensure a minimum of 20–30 mins in the timeline for photographers to take a break and eat.
Please include relationship to bride/groom and their name in parenthesis. Example family portrait list: Bride with mother (Eleanor) Bride with mother and brother Groom with brother (Kevin) Groom with full immediate family (James, Charles, Sam) Couple with Bride's Parents + Bride's Sister (Rachel) Couple with Bride's Sister Couple with Bride's Grandparents (Robert + Elaine) I will put the family list in order so we can try to knock the family out as quickly as we can! If you forget anyone that's ok I'm sure we'll still be able to squeeze them in in the moment.
I understand that this will change and sometimes up until the day of! I will create a photographer's timeline on google docs based off your answers here and share it with you and your coordinator (if you have one) and we can edit and update from there. A wedding day can be sometimes hectic and go off timeline but even still, we want to have a general timeline that will keep us accountable!