Here is my mandatory first post!

A little about me outside of the actual about me page. I just graduated from the University of Georgia last May. And "just graduated" keeps rolling off my tongue as if it was last week or last month but the truth is it's getting closer to a year! I picked up my first DSLR 3 years ago and every day I'm trying to get better. I think I've always been a designer at heart, but never fully convinced myself until recently because in the Bangladeshi community, careers in the arts still haven't been widely accepted. I do work a full time job as a graphic designer at a toy/crafts/stationary company in Marietta and I book my photography sessions evenings and weekends outside of it. So I'd like to dedicate a part of this blog to talking about freelancing outside of a 9-5 and the opportunities and limitations that affords me.

My parents ran a small business from 2005–2017 when unfortunately they were kicked out of their lease in downtown Atlanta. I think that's where a lot of my passion for seeing small businesses succeed come from and the desire to help them. When I first started freelance projects, they weren't anything official, just doing a logo or two here and there, some product shoots time and again, and at the time I was also booking many seniors during the 2017 grad season. Now, people like to tell me it's because they liked my work but I have to tell you that it probably also was the fact that I was charging almost 2 times lower than the average in that area. Since then, I have indeed raised my rates, but have still kept them affordable so that upcoming graduates from any level background are able to receive quality photographs of a time in their lives they will cherish forever (probably maybe.) 

Anyway. I've had a blog throughout college where I talked about the latest industry trends in marketing/PR/advertising because that's an area I'm highly interested in, especially seeing as though my degree is in that field. In the Attention Economy, I think it makes me a better designer to have that knowledge and background and similarly, I think I'm set up to make better decisions when it comes to promoting and marketing because I'm also a designer. And to shake things up, I also used to be a writer and editor who has abandoned the trade and wish to get back into it.

So that's the story of how this baby came into the world (both me and this blog). Do people even read blogs anymore? Who knows (I probably should know). But it'll be here. Here are some topics I wish to cover:

  • Freelancing, Side Hustles and Keeping your Day Job
  • Personal Finances and Business Budgets 
  • Dealing with Tiredness, Lack of Motivation/Inspiration when You're a Creative
  • Ins and Outs of Small Business Branding
  • Design Trends
  • Productivity and Workflow Tips
  • Snippets of Client Photo Galleries 
  • Cool-Industry-Related-Things in the News
  • Reactions to Various Ad Campaigns Around the World
  • Sharing my Personal Creative Projects
  • DIY Projects


That was a little longer than I thought it'd be but there you go. Hopefully this becomes a thing that I keep up with. Hope y'all enjoy!