February Roundup

This February roundup is a little late but better late than never maybe?

This month a pretty big purchase was made in an effort to aid my business and fuel my creativity. That purchase was....

An iPad Pro!  


I've had my eye on an iPad Pro since it made its debut a few years ago. But because I always had other things I was saving for like camera lenses or bodies and had a regular iPad for a very long time, I didn't think it was worth getting. However in January, a co-worker showed me her new baby and I absolutely fell in love. After crunching some numbers in my budget, watching MAYBE a hundred or so youtube videos on reviews and how it's helped other designers and artists, I finally made the leap and got the iPad Pro 10.5" 64GB with the Apple Pencil. I like to think that material objects aren't the only things in life that can bring you happiness, but I gotta say, I'm pretty happy with it.  There are tons of articles that will tell you about the computing speed, the HD resolution and how the Apple Pencil is unlike any other stylus released on the market, but I'm here to talk to you about how the iPad has paid for itself already, from a freelance designer/photographer/artist's point of view. 

  • That Apple Pencil and the Procreate app. Procreate is probably my favorite app so far that integrates smoothly with the pencil. Although I wish it were a vector based application versus a photoshop equivalent, I have to say there's so many features packed in this $10 app that I'm absolutely blown away. I used to do my little illustrations on my wacom tablet and illustrator, and although the Wacom is amazing and I practically live in illustrator, I had to always make it a big deal to sit down at my desk with my huge tablet and create something. With the iPad, making little doodles and illustrations are so much easier. I had a 2018 goal to draw more and get more into digital art and the iPad, the Apple pencil and Procreate has really helped me with that goal because after I finish my work every night I can just draw for a little bit before bed. I can also now sketch out concepts for branding and logos and just send it to photoshop or illustrator to finish off. 
  • Note-Taking. This isn't exclusive to the iPad Pro, you can do this with any tablet. I take a lot of notes when meeting with clients and I've been going back and forth between digital and paper notes for the last ten years of my life, and it all just depends on what I have available. I've been exclusively doing paper notes for maybe about a year now (because I sold my last iPad about a year ago) and although nothing can replace the feeling of a good pen on a new notebook, I love having all of my notes in one place and not having to carry around several notebooks for different clients and different projects.
  • The Split Screen is Everything. I LOVE the split screen and multi-tasking features in the new iOS update for the iPad Pro. This helps with taking notes and drawing. I have to do a lot of research for clients and have been doing so the traditional, sit in front of a computer and write it down way. I love being able to split my screen and read something and take notes in a note taking app right next to it. It's even cooler when you can drag and drop pictures from online right into the notes! For drawing I like looking at references in one window and using procreate in the other. The picture-in-picture feature is also a great thing because I almost ALWAYS work with netflix or hulu playing in the background!
  • Digital eerythang. Including Contracts. I have my photography clients sign model release contracts when I meet up with them for a session. I used to carry around a pen, a clipboard and multiple print outs of this form. However, now I love being able to just slip this bad boy into my camera bag and have clients sign within 2 seconds on the spot!

All in all I'm not disappointed with this purchase. Let's circle back to the topic of material things and the newest and latest technology and the role it plays in our lives. I'll be the first to admit I love tech and gadgets and gear and have a little case of Gear Acquisition Syndrome but I'm also a bit frugal with money and was raised to live within my means. So I do not believe in buying things just to buy things because your favorite influencers have them or to fit in.  Do I think you NEED to have it though if you are a designer, artist or photographer? No, I do not. However, if you have $500–$1,000 to spare (I bought mine refurbished from Amazon for a little under $500) and want to be a little more efficient in your workflow and make your life just a tad bit easier, I highly recommend it. 



Sabatani Shetu