Anu + Ash Engagement

I met Anu freshman year of college through a mutual friend that lived in my dorm. Both of us graduated a year early and she approached me my first year of doing grad sessions to take her senior portraits. Her then boyfriend Ashwin Seshadri joined our session for moral support but I encouraged him to hop in a few photos (as I always love to do when a loved one joins in on our sessions) and was blown away at the very natural on-camera chemistry the two have! They were so cute together and it honestly was one of the first times I shot a couple, even if it wasn’t officially a couples’ session. Never did I imagine that two years later, Ash would propose to Anu and they’d call me up during their wedding planning to discuss the possibility of me shooting their wedding!

I’m glad they ultimately did decide we were a great match because if they didn’t I wouldn’t have been able to experience first hand all the love they have for each other and capture it once again! Here they are being cute in the cold, very fall day this November. I absolutely cannot WAIT for their wedding next May!